Meet our new apprentice, Kendra!

Hello, my name is Kendra Guiguin. I am trainee at Connect International English Academy and I will be here for 2 months. I am 18 years old and I come from Angers which is a lovely city in the north west of France. Our specialty in Angers is the Quernon d’Ardoise which is made with nougatine, caramelised almonds and hazelnuts all covered with blue chocolate.
I study in Angers on a 2-year course at Campus Sacré Coeur La Salle, I am studying to work as a personal assistant.

I really like watching a lot of series (in English of course!) like Game of Thrones, Lost in Space or The Crown. I also enjoy movies, most recently Avengers. I also take pictures of landscapes or houses with different architecture, so I can take a lot of pictures here in Wales.

I have studied English for a long time and I am very happy to improve it in Wales. Here at Connect International English Academy I am deeply immersed in the English language, so this period will be a great experience for me.

At the school please do not hesitate to ask me anything, I will be delighted to help you and I look forward to meeting you.
Montage Kendra 2Being immersed in language is the best way to learn English so don’t hesitate to join us!

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