Accommodation options

Connect English Academy can help you to find accommodation in Cardiff while you study with us. We make sure you feel at home while you study with us. Your comfort safety and convenience come first at Connect. Our accommodation options can suit all requirements and budgets.

1. Homestay

Staying in a homestay can be a valuable part of your English language-learning experience.

Perfect for students who want to experience British culture and life.

The homestay host welcomes you into their home and gives you somewhere friendly and comfortable to live during your stay in Cardiff.

We do our best to choose a suitable homestay host based on the information you give us.

What is homestay?

Perhaps the best way to learn about life here in the UK and be able to practice your English is to live with English speaker in homestay accommodation. You stay with an approved host at their home in the Cardiff area. Home stay is very popular with our international students; whether they are planning to stay for just a few weeks or up to a whole year.

Who are homestay hosts and where do they live?

  • A single person living on their own
  • A single person living with their children
  • A couple living together with no children
  • A couple living together with children

Cardiff is a large city. It's normal for students to travel up to 40 minutes each way to and from Connect by public transport. It is not usually possible to find homestay accommodation within walking distance of the academy.

Our accommodation officer visits each home and monitors hosts to make sure that high standards of safety, cleanliness and security are maintained.

What you can expect

  • A comfortable and adequately-sized bed.
  • Adequate heating and natural light.
  • A supply of bed linen (changed weekly).
  • One machine load of washing per week.
  • Adequate drawers and wardrobe of your clothes.
  • A desk for you to study at.
  • Access to a bath/shower every day.
  • Clean towels every week.

Breakfast and an evening meal (half-board basis).
English to be the only language of communication within the homestay.

2. Students Residence

If you prefer to have more independence, you can stay in a residence. The residences are modern, well-equip and close to public transport. Staying in one of student residences gives you the chance to live in the heart of Cardiff (the closest is just 5 minutes’ walk from the academy).

By sharing facilities with other students, you will have the chance to meet people from all over the world. These types of accommodation are only available for students who are over 18 years old.

Please note residence accommodations are only available during Summer terms (July and August).

What you can expect?

  • • 4ft double bed and furniture
  • • Bedding and towels
  • • En-suite
  • • WiFi
  • • Shared kitchen
  • • Bike racks
  • • Communal living area
  • • Washing machine
  • • Tumble dryer
  • • Private bedroom

Our accommodation officer will arrange this for you.

How to Book

All students who request homestay accommodation Must complete the Homestay Accommodation Request Form Please note that homestay fees are paid in addition to course fees.

Becoming a homestay host

If you are interested in becoming a homestay host, then please contact us: