Living in Cardiff

Living in Cardiff –the friendly city

Eating Out

Cardiff really is an amazing place to eat all kinds of food from around the world. If you like to try Italian pizza, noproblem, if you'd prefer halal Arabic food, that's easy to find, if you like Thai food, or traditional British fish and chips, good idea.

Of course,you should try local Welsh specialities too, like Welsh cakes, delicious, which you can find in any bakers shop; just ask!


Check out all the activities, bike races, marathons, sailing competitions, and take a look at the engineering genius of the bridge between the sea and the lake.

Wow! You can ask at Tourist Information about tours to the wild Brecon Beacons, or take a trip by ferry, or travel further north in Wales and go to the 'Number 6 Festival' at Portmerion; it's famous and brilliant fun!


Rugby is the most important sport in Wales, with the Welsh national rugby team being supported everywhere, and the national anthem being sung in Welsh before every game.

There are many sporting opportunities here for everyone. You can hire a bicycle to ride around the amazing Bute Park, or travel in a canoe on the lake at Cardiff Bay, or simply get together with your friends to go for a walk or play tennis nearby.

Music and Nightlife

Whether you prefer pop or jazz, reggae or classical, Cardiff has them all. You can go to a special event at the Opera House, called the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, a short train ride from the centre of town, or you can listen to street musicians as you walk around.

If you like theatre, there is more than one, and lots of cinemas too! If you'd like to dance then your fellow students can go along with you to check out the raves, or you can simply join a local folk dance or singing group; they always welcome visitors of any age.

Culture and Heritage

Once a year in Wales there is a traditional event called an Eisteddfod. This is when famous local poets read out their work, including stories and songs, which celebrate the ancient creative heritage of this country. You can see a street parade of poets, called 'bards', in special costumes. There's a special crown for the best poet. The Welsh language is very important for the identity of the people of Wales, and is taught in schools. Look around and you'll notice that all the signs in Cardiff are written in two languages.

Want a real Mediaeval Castle? Then go to Caerphilly, just twenty minutes on the train,and be astonished that these ancient walls still stand right in the middle of the High Street!

You might see a dragon...