Terms and Conditions

  • These conditions of enrolment apply to all students at Connect English Academy (CEA). All students must accept and
  • agree to fully comply with these terms and conditions. If you feel there are any parts which you may not fully understand, it is your responsibility to ask the school for clarification.

  • A place can be reserved on a course at Connect English Academy by completing an Enrolment Form and returning it by
  • post or email together with a non-refundable £50 Registration Fee plus a Booking Deposit of £250, which will go towards the cost of the course. We will confirm registration after these fees have been received.

    • 1.3 Full payment for the course must be received by CEA at least 10 working days before the start of the course. No programme will start

    until CEA is in receipt of all fees.

    • 1.4 For students requiring a student visa to the UK, course fees must be paid in full before CEA can issue any documentation to support

    visa application. Visa letters will NOT be issued unless students have paid the course fees in full.

  • Students are required to present their passport, of which CEA will retain a copy. Students are also required to provide the Academy
  • with accurate and full contact details, both in your home country and in the UK. It is the responsibility of the student to immediately keep the Academy informed of any changes to their contact details both in the UK and abroad. This is a requirement under British law.

  • We are keen to acknowledge previous learning, so you should also provide CEA with a copy of any certificates from previous English
  • language courses completed, and results of any English language examinations taken (e.g. IELTS) However, students are placed in classes at the appropriate level as identified by the CEA English language Placement Test.

    • 1.7 Students may progress from one level to the next if they pass the end-of-course test at the appropriate level.


  • To become a student at Connect English Academy, you must be 16 years old or over and have the right under visa
  • conditions to study in the UK

  • For students aged under 18, parents / guardian must sign a Parental Consent Form before the student arrives at the school (please
  • Find on our website or email for a copy of this form).

  • Students aged under 18 and their parents / guardian will be asked to agree to school rules pertaining to behaviour in line with our
  • Safeguarding Policy – available on our website.

  • Students under 18 years without a guardian or parent in the UK must stay with a host family. Other options are not available.
  • Methods of Payment: Bank Transfer; Debit Card; Credit Card. Payment Details:

    SORT CODE: 40 16 15

    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 439 850 16

    IBAN: GB45HBUK401615 4398 5016



    Connect English Academy 1st Floor, 26-28 Churchill Way Cardiff, CF10 2DY, Wales, UK.

  • It is imperative that the name of the student and the relevant invoice is clearly stated on the bank transfer documentation.
  • Payment must include both parties’ bank charges and transfer costs. Please add £20 if paying by bank transfer. All debit and credit card transactions are subject to a £1 surcharge.

    3.3 The cost of our leisure programme is NOT included in our course fees. We discuss with students what events they would like to include in our leisure programme and there will be occasions when the desired event will entail significant expense. On such occasions, the school will offer a low cost alternative which will cost no more than £12.50.

    3.4 The cost of any external examination that a student chooses to sit (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge First or CAE) is NOT included in our course fees. We will be happy to help you register for an examination and fill in any associated paperwork, but registering for an external examination remains your own responsibility and you should pay the examining body directly yourself. External examination fees are detailed in course descriptions.

    3.5 Fees are detailed in our current price list.

  • Cancellation for students NOT requiring Visa / Leave to enter the UK must be received in writing (e-mail or post). Refunds depend
  • on the amount of notice given and are specified below:

    At least 15 working days before the start of the course

    Deposit (£200, plus £50 registration fee) is non-refundable

    14 working days or less before the start of the course

    25% of course fee, (minimum £200, plus the £50 registration fee) is non-refundable

    10 working days or less before the start of the course

    50% of course fee, (minimum £200, plus the £50 registration fee) is non-refundable

    5 working days or less before the start of the course

    100% non-refundable

    4.2 Please note that Cancellations received at the weekend, during public holidays or Christmas academy holidays will be considered to be received the next working day.

  • Cancellation for students requiring Visa / Leave to enter the UK:refunds are NOT granted except for cases when the visa application has been unsuccessful.
  • Cancelation due to visa refusal: If the visa application is refused, providing we receive official documentation from the British Embassy
  • or Consulate confirming this, we will refund the student in full with the exception of £250 administration fee and the £50 course registration fee. All bank charges incurred are to be paid by the student. Refunds will only be considered if applied for prior to the commencement of the course. Please note that, for students who require a visa to the UK, once documentation has been issued to support their visa application, no refund will be given without official documentation confirming that the application has been unsuccessful.

  • Course refunds (including all fees) may take between 3-5 weeks to process once full documentation has been received. Refunds
  • cannot be processed until the Academy is in receipt of all monies owned. Refunds will only be made to the person or organisation that paid the initial payment. Our responsibility is only to refund that person or organisation.

  • Once the course has started, fees are NOT refundable or transferable.
  • Courier (DHL / FedEx) fees or any other fees incurred e.g. airport transfers, are non-refundable.

    5.1 Accommodation fees are payable plus a non-refundable £45 accommodation placement fee in advance at least 10 working days before the start of the course.

    • If students wish to cancel their host family accommodation, they are required to give 2 weeks’ notice in writing and will receive a full refund for the outstanding period booked, less a cancelation administration charge of £50 and the £45 accommodation placement fee.
    • If the accommodation is cancelled less than 1 week before but not less than 24 hours before the start date, there is an administration charge of £50, the £45 accommodation placement fee plus a one-week accommodation charge.
    • If the accommodation is cancelled less than 24 hours before the course starts or after the student has started there is no refund of accommodation fees in any circumstances.

    5.2 Students must leave the accommodation on the same day of the week on which they arrived. Fees are calculated on a weekly basis (not on a daily basis) and part-weeks are counted as full weeks for payment purposes.

    5.3 Accommodation refunds may take between 3-5 weeks to process once full documentation has been received. Refunds cannot be processed until the Academy is in receipt of all monies owed. Refunds can only be given once the student has left their accommodation.

    5.4 Students are liable for any damage that they cause at their accommodation.

    5.5 Students are expected to respect their host family and accommodation; any behaviour deemed unsatisfactory will result in accommodation being terminated and no refund granted.


    5.6 Accommodation fees are payable in advance. The Academy has to be in receipt of all monies at least 4 weeks before the start of the course.

    5.7 We will check the availability of residential accommodation at the time of booking, but it can only be guaranteed once full payment has been received and we have issued the residential accommodation re-confirmation letter.

    5.8 To avoid unnecessary cost to the students, we recommend that re-confirmation of residential accommodation is issued only once the visa to the UK has been granted and the arrival flight details have been received. Alternative accommodation, such as homestay, another residential hall, or a refund will be offered to the student in case the residential accommodation originally chosen is no longer available for the dates requested. In this case, if payment has been received, we will do our best to hold the accommodation for as long as possible. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of reconfirmation.

    5.9 The Halls of Residence charge by the full week (7 nights), i.e. Saturday – Saturday, Sunday – Sunday. As stays must be from weekend to weekend, additional nights which extend beyond a Sunday night cannot be pro-rated and will be rounded up to the next full week.

    5.10 Students are liable for any damage that they cause to their accommodation. A refundable deposit may be asked by the residence (normally £250). If a credit or debit card is used for the deposit, it will have to be pre-authorised for the full amount. All credit card transactions are subject to a surcharge of 3%.

    5.11 All students will have to follow the residence’s policies and adhere to their specific rules and are subject to the terms and conditions

    of the accommodation provider. Residential Accommodation is not directly provided by Connect English academy. We do not own or operate any of the residential accommodation. We only book the accommodation on behalf of the student and cannot be responsible for any third parties.

    5.12 We cannot be held liable for any damage, claims, liabilities, costs, losses (including indirect and consequential losses), or accidents incurred or suffered by students or their property. Health and Travel insurance must be taken out by all students.

    5.13 We may at our discretion, assist a student who may get into a dispute with a Residence. However, we shall not thereby be liable or become liable in any way in connection with such matter.

    5.14 Relocating Students at the Request of a Residence. In the case of a residence requesting that a student be relocated as a result of

    behaviour being deemed “unacceptable” or due to the incompatibility of the student with others in the accommodation, Connect English Academy will do its best to relocate the student to a suitable similar accommodation, subject to availability. Should similar accommodation not be available, the Academy will relocate the student to the nearest alternative accommodation. The Academy will not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any inconvenience caused to the student as a result of relocation for reasons of “unacceptable behaviour” or compatibility, nor will the residence be liable to pay for any expenses, e.g. transportation costs incurring a s a result of such a move being necessary.

    5.15 Students are expected to comply with residence rules and regulations; behaviour deemed unsatisfactory will result in accommodation being terminated and no refund granted.

    5.16 All students have to ensure that they thoroughly understand what to expect, what is expected of them and what is not considered to be acceptable behaviour. If a student has any queries regarding the residential accommodation or what is expected of them or their behaviour, they must ask for clarification.

    5.17 For group bookings additional terms and conditions may apply.

    5.18 Residential rates quoted are valid until 1st September 2018, but may be subject to change without notice.

    5.19 Students will have to present their passport (or valid ID) on arrival at the residence and residence administration will keep a copy.

    5.20 Cancellations: Cancellation of a booking cannot be accepted unless received in writing (e-mail or post). It will take effect from the first working day received by Connect English Academy (the Academy is closed at weekends, bank holidays and 2 weeks during the Christmas holidays). Please note that Cancellations received at the weekend, during public holidays or CEA Christmas holidays will be considered to have been received the next working day.

  • 6.1 We are closed on public holidays. There are no discounts, refunds or credits given on tuition fees for courses that include public


    6.2 Students who need to be absent from class must ask by emailing the school in advance. If you give advanced warning of 1 week, we will accept your request and the days you are absent will be considered a holiday.

    The following details maximum authorised holidays by weeks of study:

    Course length in weeks









    Holidays allowed in weeks









    6.3 Please note that the Academy reserves the right to refuse requests for holidays. We close for Christmas holidays for two weeks. These

    two weeks must form part of the holiday entitlement. Students must always check their course timetable before enrolling. We must receive 2 weeks’ notice in writing for holiday requests (3 weeks holiday maximum per term). The Holiday Request form is available from reception.

    6.4 If you have used up your holiday entitlement, you may be absent due to illness, but must produce a certificate from a doctor. Students

    with poor attendance are likely to be unable to attain satisfactory progress and may be required to stay at the same level rather than progress to the next level.

  • Students are expected to attend all their lessons. Any absence should normally be only for illness or authorised holidays. It is the
  • responsibility of the student to inform the Academy of illness or other reason for absence immediately. Students with persistently poor attendance may be struck from the register.

    7.2 Course extensions or refunds will NOT be given to compensate for absence due to illness or any other reason.

    7.3 Students who are absent for more than ten consecutive days and who fail to contact the Academy, may be struck from the register.

    7.4 Any student who has been issued with a student visa must comply with the regulations laid down by the UK Border Agency. Please note that the UK Border Agency treats unauthorised absence of 10 days from the Academy as a failure to comply with the requirements of the student visa. This will result in a withdrawal of the student’s right to remain in the UK. The Academy is required to report this absence to the UK Border Agency.

  • Students have the responsibility to arrive punctually. Late arrivals are very disruptive to classes and entry is at the discretion of the
  • Academy. Persistent lateness without good reason may result in expulsion, in which case no refund will be given.

  • To cancel or re-arrange a one-to-one lesson, students must give 24 hours notice. No refund or re-scheduling will be offered to
  • compensate for non-attended classes or when less than 24 hours notice is given for absence.

  • Students are eligible to receive a certificate showing level of study if they have attended at least 80% of the course.
  • We expect students to be on time, to attend every lesson and to complete homework assignments. You will note that we keep a
  • register of attendance. We expect students to be on time for all lessons. If you are regularly late for class, we reserve the right not to allow you into class.

    7.9 Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late for class, will be refused entry to the class until the next break.

  • The Academy reserves the right to rotate teachers or appoint new ones; change times or rooms or combine classes if necessary.
  • Please refer to our Complaints Policy which you will find in our Student Handbook – available on our website.
  • We take all feedback and complaints, whether made formally or informally, very seriously but queries and complaints should be
  • brought to our attention immediately in order for us to with them. Complaints received after the course has finished cannot be considered.

  • Under the Data Protection Act, CEA must protect any information collected from you or about you. All personal information received
  • is treated confidentially and will only be accessible to selected employees so that they can carry out their work duties. The data is held under lock and key or on a secure password-protected server.

  • Your data will only be released to the police, immigration authorities or school inspectors if formally obliged to do so. Under British
  • law, we are obliged to release certain information to the UK Border Agency.

  • 11.1 Photographs of students aged 18 years or over may be used in the Academy’s promotional and publicity materials unless the student specifically objects when photographs are taken.

    11.2 Photographs of students aged under 18 years will only be used in the Academy’s promotional and publicity materials if the parent or guardian of the student has given written permission.

    11.3 The copyright to all photographs shall belong to Connect English Academy.

    11.4 All prices and details in marketing materials and on the website are accurate at the time of publication and presented in good faith.

    However, they are subject to alteration without notice. The Academy also reserves the right to alter programmes in any way we see appropriate.

    • 12 INSURANCE

    12.1 Students must arrange full insurance cover before departure from their home country. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure they

    are adequately insured.

    12.2 Connect English Academy does not accept liability in case of illness, accident, loss or damage to personal effects or



    13.1 CEA reserves the right to dismiss, without a refund of fees, any student:

    - whose behaviour is judged to be unsatisfactory;

    - whose attendance and/or timekeeping is deemed unacceptable;

    - whose level of effort and progress is deemed unacceptable;

    - whose behaviour persistently causes offence or distress to other students or school staff. Management decision is final.


    14.1 Students are advised that CEA, its employees and its representatives accept no liability for personal injury and/or loss or damage to personal property on school premises or in public or private places during school trips and excursions whether by fire, burglary, theft or otherwise.


    15.1 In the event of ‘force majeure’ such as fire, flood, infectious disease and other events outside CEA’s reasonable control, which may cause the closure of the school, no refund of fees will be made to students, except at the school’s discretion in exceptional circumstances.

    Students are liable for any damage they cause while attending the Academy.

    Students’ statutory rights are not affected by the above conditions. This agreement is governed by English Law.

    All services are subject to availability and may change without notice.

    All students must abide by Connect English Academy Terms and Conditions.